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Our Mission
Empowering youth to become confident and capable leaders, equipped with the skills and knowledge to create positive change in their communities and beyond.

About Us

We take pride in being the oldest and first Muslim Scout group in the United States. The mission of the Muslim Scouts of Michigan Troop / Pack 1139 is to develop youth into productive members of our community. We accomplish this by providing a Scouting program that enhances growth through spiritual, intellectual, and physical activities, consequently building the necessary skills and knowledge in our scouts to overcome future obstacles.

Contributing to the construction of a better world with an Eagle Scout in every home.

A Place Built For Personal Development

We incorporate Scouting concepts like the Scout Law and Promise into our programs, which emphasize values like honesty, loyalty, and service to others. Additionally, we integrate Islamic history and teachings to help instill strong values and a sense of purpose in our members.

Our Activities

We want to offer our scouts an experience with consistent and good quality, here’s how we do it:

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Muslim Boy Scouts of Michigan