Helping Our Youth Develop The Highest Quality Life.

Through our scouting program, we aim to teach and raise every one of our members to reach unattainable goals.

About Us

Who Are We?

Founded in 1990, the Muslim scouts of Michigan is always focused on created a fun, interactive, and beneficial environment for its members.

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Our Initiatives

Scouting Program

This program allows your child to get a weekly dose of religion, life lessons, and a chance to develop their scouting skills.


With eid always around the corner, the birth of many religious figures, and our boy scouts becoming eagle scouts, there are many reasons to enjoy some time relaxing.


In Ramadan, we must all focus on fulfilling our religious duties, this is why we take time to read the holy Quran, learn about the holy month, and help people enjoy their meals just like  we all do.


This time is the essence of our religion’s existence, so much happened during this time, and  we all must acknowledge and mourn this tragedy.

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